It’s all go

There’s been a long lead in to this.

A return to an oft repeated conversation beginning ‘I’d love to go abroad for a couple of years’ in February half term, a job application filed shortly afterwards, a job interview on 9th March in London, a job offer the following week and then a lot of debate, a search for a job for Chris, much more debate, a job found, more debate, the decision to go for it, a whole heap of medical tests for all, dental checks for all, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.

In early May we were finally in a position to say we were going. Since then it has been slow but steady planning and preparation … beginning to think about what to pack, making plenty of lists, searching for shipping companies, selling somethings, advertising the house for rent and so on and on. We sought advice and bought a 4×4 to ship and shipped it. Then the date for shipping our boxes (if we wanted them to arrive at a similar time to us) came hastily upon us and so the packing began in earnest. Thankfully, we hit our deadline and last night these boxes were collected to head away:WP_20160714_20_51_33_Pro

This week has also been the beginning of the end, the ‘last’ of things have started to pop up. I’ve had a few moments of wobbles and sadness. I am not very good at endings, not very good at goodbyes so I am trying to focus on the beginnings and think of it more as ‘see you soons’ or ‘until we meet agains’. In the week ahead we have the Max and Jack’s final day at their school and my last day at work, there will be many more to go through.

And so, as one of the beginnings, this blog has started.

There will be more soon.

39 sleeps till flight day!


4 thoughts on “It’s all go

  1. You are going to be a ‘MASSIVE’ miss at work. You will have an amazing experience in the Falklands and it will fly over so make the most of it. The boys ( and you and Chris) will love their new life – freedom – outdoors – new friends – fun – laughter – penguins!! xxx


  2. Charlotte, you will have an amazing time and it will be something the boys will treasure forever. I have great memories of island life on Tristan da Chuna and I was a similar age to the boys when I was there. Wishing you the best of times. Good luck and Bon voyage. Looking forward to hearing all about it in your future blogs. Xx


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