Why the Falkland Islands?

Since our announcement that we were moving this is the most oft asked question, after the shocked faces and noises! So I thought I would address it here. My initial response is normally ‘well, why not?’ but let’s dig a little deeper!

For a good many years there has been a desire to go somewhere else for a few years to experience something new/different/unusual/enriching/interesting. There is always a reason not to; there will always be greater pull than push factors when we are part of a large family with good relationships. We made the conscious decision in February that if this was ever going to happen we needed to consider it fully now due to the ages and stages of the boys and go for it. There were a few restrictions on the ‘anywhere’ options however. Neither of us speak any other language and so the idea of having to be employed in another language was beyond daunting and seemed impossible, thus ruling out large swathes of the world. The Middle East has never been particularly appealing to me and so was low on the agenda and America, whilst having some fabulous holidaying opportunities, was not appealing to us for living. Further than that though we were open to anything. So it was a case of watch for adverts and see what came up.

When the post I have been fortunate enough to secure was advertised we had a period of time researching what we could about the Falkland Islands and it was definitely of interest, we have had various wobbles between then and now but the attractions remain the same:

  1. It’s unique, you’re never going to go anywhere like it and that in itself is massively enticing for us.
  2. The outdoors. This is a draw for us anywhere we go, we are not held back by the weather so that won’t phase as and stomping off and exploring is what we do best. The landscape looks incredible and we can’t wait to get into it.
  3. The ‘freedom’ it presents for the boys. We’ve been told (and are already discovering) that it is a close knit community with a far lower crime rate than the UK. It has been described to us as a step back to the 50s but with modern bonuses. We hope the boys will be far more free roaming than they can be here.
  4. That community is definitely a draw for us; to experience small community life and become a part of it in many ways (we hope).
  5. The wildlife, well let’s be honest, the penguins! What’s not to love about a penguin?! Although I feel they may become mundane down the line we will revel in it now. Also the elephant seals, whales, sea birds galore and much more.
  6. The education system, similar enough to the UK for the boys but a step away from the crazy high pressure in primary life.
  7. The jobs. These are definitely a big pull as they are of interest to both of us and offer great development opportunities.
  8. The South American opportunities, the chance to pop over to Chile and explore is very exciting and something we hope very much to make the most of.
  9. The low technology enforcement. Due to the very high price of internet I am very much looking forward to the drive away from constant online life. Yes, I will find it hard initially but yes this is exactly what I need to step away from it and I look forward to the boys having the major influence and peer pressure delayed a little longer.

So there you have it, in a nutshell, there are many other smaller things as well and I am sure it is a topic we will return to. All that remains to say is do engage with our posts, I know there is not much here yet but it will develop over time. Do pop your email address in and you will just get a notification when there is a new post from one of us (and remember due to number 9 on the list this is not going to be everyday or anything like that!) Do comment and hopefully it will be a great way to keep in touch!


3 thoughts on “Why the Falkland Islands?

  1. Wishing you all a wonderful time on your new adventure. I am very envious! As a marine biologist I have many friends who have been down there for work or on their way to the antarctic. Their photos and stories were always fantastic. You’ll be a miss at 1st Prudhoe, but I look forward to hearing about your experiences. Safe trip and good luck in your new home! I might be in touch for wildlife updates!! Say hello to the penguins!


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