Auf wiedersen …. (pet)

(sorry couldn’t resist!)

The goodbyes, so longs and auf wiedersens have been in full swing for a little while. It’s hard, no lying.

We moved to our town just over 9 years ago before children. I think if we had both stayed working full time and not had children we might never have come across anyone from our town. However, 9 years and 3 boys on we have made many good friends through baby groups, through school, through scouts, swimming and other activities.

I suppose the goodbyes have highlighted to us the good friends that both we, and the boys, have made. This is amazing as it makes you value those friendships even more, but it is also challenging at the same time because you realise all you will miss out on. However, I have also found it very reassuring that we have managed to make so many friends where we previously knew no one. Hopefully this ability will continue as long as we dive headlong into local life and activities. It is certainly true that with 3 small people in tow this is considerably easier, however with two new jobs to master it may be a bit of a balancing act!

It has been surprisingly emotional for the boys too, although the way they show the emotions are often an eye opener. From the youngest, who when we had good friends around for a BBQ simply refused to say goodbye to people as though that would prevent it from happening. To the middly who has been increasingly anxious and took great offence to promises made and not followed through. To the biggest who had an emotional hug with his best friend on their last sighting and has been increasingly grouchy as the days have passed, he did also reveal to me that his best friend has built things in his Minecraft world meaning he will always have a small reminder of him whilst we are away!

As yet, I have not found it hugely emotional for myself (although I have recognised the emotions in the boys as things move on). I think it is easier as the ones going away as we have new and exciting things to think about and be met by.

Today was the boys last in Northumberland before we head overseas, the last time they will wake in their bedrooms for two years. That felt a bit momentous, although I am not sure they all understood it fully!


So after a weekend with family Chris and I will have a full week of packing, packing and more packing! Wish us luck ….


7 thoughts on “Auf wiedersen …. (pet)

    1. Agreed, for the boys I do feel it’s sad, they’ve got such strong friendships and I think the saying goodbyes has highlighted that even more. But Max has some of Alex with him in minecraft 😉 I just REALLY hope they’re strong enough to be rekindled again! We’ll miss you too.


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