Bye Bye North East and indeed UK!

The last week has flown by without warning and suddenly tomorrow is flight date!

We have worked like manic Trojans whilst our parents have stoically looked after our boys for us. We managed to pretty much empty the house and store everything in a container but the last few things that were hanging around kind of got dumped in between ‘container’ and ‘taking’ which has pretty much ended up being leaving them here in London with my parents. It was not what we intended but organising the packing was very tricky.

We have packed and moved fairly easily in the past however  this was an entirely different experience. Packing with different intended locations was difficult, sorting things into piles of things to store, things to bin, things to sell and things to take with us was very challenging! Whilst we tried to get rid of things and be very ruthless, as time ran out the easiest thing (often) was to bung it in a bag to bring it to London at least. This was not necessarily the correct decision as we have had to spend a long time doing further sorting out today, but you do what you need to!

Our baggage allowance is still very much on the cusp of the maximum for the 5 of us but fingers crossed and all that! We have left a fair amount here at my parent’s house too, which we should be able to recover in two years time. We’re hoping we will be able to remember what is where in the container when we return as well.

We will miss the North East MASSIVELY! It has been our home for the entirety of our 10 years of marriage, in fact since 2002 (off the top of my head). We will miss the stunning Northumbrian coast, we will miss the countryside, we will miss Hadrian’s wall and we will miss the vibrant towns. We will miss the city of Newcastle, the good food,the drinking holes and the views both town and country. Most of all we will miss the people, the friends we have met and made, the welcomes we receive and the warmness and open arms.

We send thanks to all who have offered help, sent messages of friendship, love and support, those who have bought things (and those who have accepted our random freebies!), those who have taken on specific jobs for us, those who are looking after items for us and those who offered us a fabulous send off. All of it was much appreciated!

To those who have asked if there is anything they can do now???!! Well, hope that our house is successfully tenanted – so talk to anyone and everyone you know about the lovely family home you know is available!


See you on the other side!!!


PS – with regards to following the blog (so you are notified of new posts … on my Microsoft tablet I get a blue ‘follow’ button at the bottom right of my screen when I click on menu. But I do not get that on my phone.


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye North East and indeed UK!

  1. Hello from me to all of you. Sounds as though it’s been hectic. Hope it settles down quickly as the new school term begins. Lots Luv xxxx


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