Please don’t expect updates this often all the time (and things will now be out of sync)!

But today was a fairly momentous one with our youngest boy beginning his journey in school based education and all three boys beginning a brand new school. It was a day that was (unsurprisingly) rather emotional for the boys and not without its fraught moments and frayed nerves. The photos I managed to get this morning before leaving the house were not the best but are realistic.

We did not actually leave the house in short sleeves – photo purposes only!



Great shot!
The man of the hour!

In the end I think everyone had a fairly enjoyable day and feels a bit more confident as to what it will be like and how things will go. I asked the boys what they would like everyone to know and was told the following:

Max – I have a new teacher called Mrs Tibble (mummy edit – she is new to the school like us!)

Jack – My topic is space.

Sam – I couldn’t find the door to the playhouse but then I found it.

Today particularly, I have very much enjoyed the slower pace of things and the fact I got to spend an hour lunching with the boys in the middle of our day was lovely. There will be more written at another moment about the differences between the school day in England and here so I will dwell on that more then.

Those of you reading from The Willows will be thrilled to know that Sam has WOWED the child care provider (breakfast and after school care) with how he puts on his coat and is being primed to teach many of the children on the islands! A great life skill you gave him, one of many.


2 thoughts on “Please don’t expect updates this often all the time (and things will now be out of sync)!

  1. Hello again so pleased the boys and yourselves are settling into your new routines. Everything ok here, been a busy September for me and just one more trip away in our caravan in October to Kelso. Then that’s the end of touring till May next year. Look forward to next instalment .
    Lots Luv Heather xxxxx


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