The differences (between Stanley and England) – a list created by the boys


  • There are minefields here.
  • There are army tanks and equipment just left around from a war.
  • Out of town (in camp) the road is only gravel or there are off road tracks.
  • The wildlife – turkey vultures, upland geese, kelp gulls, dolphin gulls, petrels, penguins, sea lions, elephant seals and more.
  • The cars here are mostly 4x4s – you hardly ever see anything else.
  • The primary school here is in 3 places (all very close) – reception in one place, year 5 in another and everyone else altogether.
  • From when you are in Year 3 you are allowed to walk home on your own.
  • There is no school uniform.
  • We get a snack and a drink at school morning and afternoon – fresh fruit, cheese and ham or sausage, dried fruit and rice cakes.
  • There are no school lunches and no packed lunches everyone goes home for dinner – school closes at 12 and reopens at 1.30 (we have lunch in mummy’s classroom).
  • Children from camp can come into school anytime – sometimes we don’t see them at all, other times they may be in town for 2 weeks and come to school or sometimes they just pop in for half a day – they all have their own peg, drawer and desk still though.
  • There are lots of islands here and you can catch little red planes to go between them.
  • There are big water tanks on the hill that collect all our drinking water from the peat soil before it is cleaned to come in the pipes.
  • Lots of people keep hens, ducks, some geese even sheep in their back gardens here in town.
  • There are whalebones in some gardens as decorations.
  • The swimming pool here is deep all along, not like at Waterworld.

Typed by mummy but all noted and told to me by the boys – these are the things noted so far!


2 thoughts on “The differences (between Stanley and England) – a list created by the boys

  1. Just been catching up on all your adventures since you arrived in the Falklands – sounds like you are having an amazing time. Hope you are settling in to work and everyday life. Big hugs to the boys. Claire xxx


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