Busy times ….

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Last weekend was the Falklands Craft Fair and the boys competitive spirit kicked in, a bit late in the week to be honest, when they decided that a splatter gun effect of as many entries in as many categories as possible would be worthwhile so evenings and lunchtimes were spent ‘creating’. I think they were expecting a display much like Prudhoe’s Town Show where they were pretty much the only entrants in many children’s categories, I was half expecting that myself! However, this Craft Fair was something else completely! The felting on display was truly stunning ….

The embroidery was much the same …

3 stunning panels making a glorious Falklands scene

There was woodwork that would be on sale for a fortune in the UK …


And there were hornwork entries too …



The children’s sections were all stuffed full or entries but these two lego models of the boys got highly commended

and Sam managed to place a 3rd with this collage which he was very pleased with. He has £2 winnings to spend.

Max was also ‘Student of the Week’ last week for some of his written work.

This week has been full of school and work as well as Max attending ‘The Shack’ club once a week. A Youth club for school years 3&4 one night and other year groups on other nights. We have had the added excitement of managing to buy a washing line which has been well used, since we get more hours of sunshine than Kew Gardens and we have no tumble drier outside drying space is vital. I also managed to acquire some tomato seedlings from a work colleague so they are on our landing windowsill for the foreseeable. We managed to score a babysitter on Friday night (the secondary school offer a course in babysitting to students of a certain age so there are a fair few who then look for additional income). We hit the nightlife of Stanley and managed to visit 4 of the pubs and bump into various friends and colleagues and had a fabulous night!

Today was the first race of the new MotoX season and so despite a cloudy chilly day we drove out into camp (in a different direction to last time) to Long Island Farm to take it in.

We were late setting off and we missed the main ‘PeeWee class’ for children, since many children in camp have dirt bikes they ride solo from age 4 this is a big class. We did catch one 4/5 year old riding his dirt bike later on:


Motocross - Long Island 045.JPG
PeeWee rider


We saw the main event and the winner was the DT teacher from the secondary school who was racing some of the older students as well. The race was of such interest that a FIGAS flight that was passing overhead circled in order to watch some from the air:

FIGAS above, Rover mid race track.


The boys had a ball and we could drive the Rover right up to track side so there was a warmer viewing point if needed.

They were well exercised by Chris’ colleague’s remote control car that they chased around happily, much to his amusement.


I envisage we may be at other races throughout the season.

Man leaning on Rover watching MotoX


Sam with a trackside view
Seal of approval



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