The day of the Jackass!

I had a whole blog post pretty much planned out but then this happened ….

Less than a metre from the path our first sighting – just chilling in the shrubs!

5 weeks and 2 days after we arrived here we all finally saw our first host of penguins 🙂 These are Magellanic Penguins (known locally as Jackass Penguins) who are just beginning to return for the breeding season. This colony is about 4 miles down the road from us at Gypsy Cove, I foresee many more visits to them as they are so close to the path and so not bothered by even the very noisy disruptive Mountford Three! Now to hunt down the other species, as I cannot envisage us ever getting bored with penguins and their waddle.

Favourite preening shot

There were also (basically compulsory Upland Geese) and some Ordinance from WW2

Also, tonight we have our fingers crossed that the Tooth Fairy is aware we have moved as we have had our first Falklands fallout for Max!

There appears to be no gap but the tooth did fall out – who knows where the new one will go!

Do leave us your comments and feedback – we love it 😀

(and remember want a closer look? – click on the pic!)



5 thoughts on “The day of the Jackass!

  1. Beautiful photos of the penguins…….just stunning. What a fab experience and memories for the boys. Keep the pics coming, loving them x


  2. I’m loving your blog! So interesting and exciting. A penguin IN YOUR SHRUBS!!!
    All’s well in the world of SENTASS. There may be someone coming to fill your seat soon after half term – fingers etc crossed. We use less milk now you and Fiona are not here but that is no compensation for not having you around!
    My best pal emigrated to Canada on Monday and I’m eagerly awaiting her blog and pics too.
    Hope school is going well and you are enjoying the change to class teaching again. Let us know how that’s going too.
    Best wishes, Tracy xx


    1. Ah, good to hear there might be a replacement! All very enjoyable here and yes I am getting back into the swing of being in a classroom again albeit slowly!


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