Half term

So we made it through 7 weeks of term and this week off has been our reward. We haven’t done a huge amount but it has been nice to be low key.

Last weekend we attended our first Falkland Islands BBQ, held by Chris’ work colleagues. It was all a BBQ should be, involving booze, salads and meat and every weather that could possibly come through wind, snow, some sunshine, much rain and hail. Nothing unusual for those of us from the North East and we soldiered on remaining outside throughout, although we did use the garage for cooking and shelter. It was a great afternoon and the boys did us well managing throughout and walking home at about 8.30pm with some very random and amusing topics of conversation ranging from child birth to blood transfusions to organ donation to the ice age and goodness knows what else. Thankfully they were asleep as soon as we got in.

Sunday saw us building the polytunnel!

So by the end of the day we had a very productive garden, with clothes drying and plants growing:


So far the tunnel has fared well but this week has been calm on the wind front and good on the sunshine. It sounds a bit blowier tonight so fingers crossed the tunnel is still there in the morning. The radishes we planted the other week have just popped out today and they are just in the veg bed so fingers crossed for some good production!

Otherwise this week has involved pottering in the main with the boys in childcare for 2 days to allow me to breathe and do some work and some Masters study as well. They did also have the ultimate excitement of going to the post office and checking one of the boxes. We still do not have a PO Box of our own (as there are none available) but they asked the school secretary if they could check the box – she was over the moon as it meant she did not have to go and they were over the moon as they could unlock it and lock it and then sort the post back at school (this may now be their job!):


The other news is we have booked our first FIGAS island ‘hop’ flights for between Christmas and New Year which is causing much excitement, even the standing on the scales in order to send off all our weights for the flight booking  created elation amongst the three small ones. We are also off into Camp overnight this weekend – but we only booked that today so the boys will find out at breakfast time tomorrow.

I am sure there will be more adventures to share after that!


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