Half term 2

So I was told off by the boys that I had forgotten things that we did in half term in the last post (trust them to keep me on track!). It has been a bit busy so this is my first chance to come back to it.

First, on one of the days the boys were in childcare they were taken to the ‘Aquarun’ at the swimming pool. This is (from what we understand) an inflatable that you have to climb/slide/jump/roll across to get across the whole pool. They had a complete ball and now want to drag us there for it too – were as we quite fancy going to the Aquarun without them! On the day they went to do this there was a practice ‘incident’ by the BFSAI (British Forces South Atlantic Islands) out of town but when the group were coming out of the pool they were able to watch as a Chinook landed on the high school playing field to take a casualty across the road to the hospital. It was all part of the ‘incident’ to involve the FI police and fire department too.

Bravo November, ‘The Survivor’

This was a Chinook that was here in 1982 onboard the MV Atlantic Conveyor which was destroyed by an Exocet missile but Bravo November was on a task at the time and so survived.

It is also landmine clearance season – the summer time makes for easier work – so we spent some part of half term (mainly on the clear days) away of the booms of explosions out of town and occasionally the ground shaking due to the blasts. I would like to reassure that actually here, in town, there is really no risk at all from mines. The beaches out at Gypsy Cove and the east of town are not possible to clear as the sand moves so much and the records of where the mines were laid were not made well. The clearance currently is out on some of the hillsides around the Stanley area. The current contract is supposed to result in the full clearance of all the possible areas but has a further 6ish years to run.

The boys took the advantage of one sunny afternoon to go and look at the freshly unwrapped whale bones (they are tarped in the winter for protection) in a gentleman’s front garden, and so we did – some photos taken by the boys:

These bones are found around the coast and cannot be removed from the islands, you do see a lot on beaches and around and about. Jack also loved the detail of the fence and this owl:

As Chris had a bonus afternoon off on the Friday we enjoyed a family swim together too.

I *think* that is everything this time (fingers crossed) and I will post again very soon about our last weekend as it was quite something!



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