The further events of November

Data is running away from us this month and the last post was bought to you bit by bit in the hours of free internet usage with a lot of photos! This post will probably be the same! We were doing well with a new month’s supply of data … until Max decided to stream some cartoons to watch on his tablet, he was not flavour of the month and I don’t think he’ll be doing it again anytime soon!

This was a month that included Remembrance Sunday which both Max and Jack had to parade at with the Cubs and Beavers, Jack had begun Beavers just 2 weeks previously. It was a gloriously sunny day with a particularly strong wind. The memorial is right down at the harbour front in a stunning setting, the whole service is held outside rather than at the Cathedral. Attending a memorial service in a place that has seen combat on it’s soil in living memory and that has such a dependency on a permanent military presence had a very different feel to any Remembrance Services I have been to before. The parade was very grand and large and we took lots of pictures – these are just to give a flavour:

Another Cub event took up a day this month too and it was possibly the fastest I have ever experienced Chris volunteer to help with a children’s visit. The Cubs were invited to Mount Pleasant Airport to view the Typhoons, the Chinook and tour the control tower. They had to leave Stanley early on the Saturday morning as it is an hour drive to the airport and the Typhoons are needed up in the air on a Saturday early afternoon to guide in the LAN flight from Chile as well as, clearly, the control tower being needed for that too. From what I have heard the trip was a great success and it got Max’s photo in the Penguin News (a family first, just as one of the cubs in a troop picture).

On the same day there was also a charity Fire Engine Pull and the Cathedral’s Advent Market. It was a gloriously sunny Saturday and so with the 3 boys in their shorts we headed down to the main street to watch the Fire Engine Pull. This charity event was in aid of the Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund, I have spoken before of the small community’s generosity but it never ceases to amaze me. There is a charity event, without fail, every week and yet every one raises at least a thousand pounds. This particular charity is very close to a lot of people here, due to the remoteness there are a lot of medical situations that result in patients having to be ‘medivac-ed’ off the islands either to Chile or the UK and this charity supports the families during this situation. The Fire Engine Pull went on a long course, up and down hills but we only caught the finale, even so it was impressive and after finishing the pull the firefighters were ‘auctioned off’ to the highest bidder for a soaking – it was mostly family that paid to soak other family members!

November was the month that Chris and I got a chance to focus on some of the activities that we wanted to do and get stuck in. Chris has joined the hockey league here and after the first match (in about 13 years we worked out) he was very, very sore. He is a member of the Goose Green Cavaliers. It is deck hockey that is played here, as a summary it is pretty much ice hockey but with no ice, no blades, no pads and a ball not a puck. It is played in the sports hall. His scoring capabilities have meant that he is the first family member to be named  in the Penguin News in the hockey updates! Here he is in his (very large) ice hockey styled shirt:

The Cavalier

I have been singing with the community choir and have also turned my hand to attempting to spin wool. It is far harder than you might think and I am not sure I will ever create any that I can actually use to knit with. The problem is that no one seems able to tell me how you know that the wool is spun enough “it is just something you feel” and it is all too easy to over spin or under spin it. Added to this that once you have spun two sets of 50g of wool you then ply them together and it is then all too easy to over ply and under ply it. It is a complicated business but here is my first ever 100g of wool:

My first skein of wool - spun and plyed
My first skein of wool – spun and plyed

November was also the month that:

  • After 8 weeks fresh fruit arrived on the islands again! With Chilean customs changes, then a Chilean customs workers strike and boats being delayed it had become a little dire as far as fresh fruit went, although we had had a couple of small boxes of Stanley grown strawberries. When the first fresh delivery got through the garden centre/market garden opened up specially on a day they are normally closed and I was there to buy as soon as school finished. I spent over £40 on fruit and Max suggested we make a fruit salad with it that night. There was only enough for a large fruit salad for that amount of money but his plan was kiboshed as I suggested we just looked and marvelled at it for a while! Deliveries are now back on track and the cherries that are coming in are delicious
  •  We managed to get a Christmas tree – this was an unexpected bonus, it is a fake one but there were only a couple of handfuls available and we got in quick!
  • The boys attended various birthday parties.
  • We all went on the (previously mentioned) Aquarun at the swimming pool and yes Chris and I enjoyed it as much as the boys.

I think that is all!


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