Christmas Wishes

December has been exceedingly busy and there will be a long and thorough blog post ASAP but for now I wanted to log on and wish all our friends and family a very Happy and peaceful Christmas. We headed out to the east (I think) of Stanley to the coast today and a sign there showed us that the UK was 6661 miles this way:


This was at the Atlantic Conveyor memorial near Cape Pembroke lighthouse – more on both later.

For now we leave you with this link (which I hope will work – scroll to Advent Calendar day 24 post). The Falkland Islands are so lucky to have 82 Zimbabweans here at the moment working for Bactec clearing mines, making the land safe again, the Zimbabweans may also say they are lucky to be here earning a wage and living safely, some with their families. But what they bring to the community is also completely awesome. This was some of them in the Cathedral on 16th December adding to a Christmas Challenge Concert – hope it works and HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. We hope that your first Christmas in the Falkland Islands is a fantastic experience and look forward to hearing more about your family adventures in the new year!


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