And a couple more things …

I have no idea why I cut the timeline off on Christmas Day there were clearly a couple more things that should have been covered.

December 26th – Sam’s birthday

Sam (as always) was very excited about his birthday. We had intended to go to the traditional Stanley Races and he (and the rest of us) was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately the wet weather in the lead up Christmas meant that the races were postponed as the track was too dangerous to pull up on. Sam’s alternative choice of activity was to go and see penguins and have lunch at …. You guessed it …. Shorty’s!

December 28th – A cinema trip

We decided a cinema trip between Christmas and New Year would be a good option, our first since arriving here. The cinema is on Mount Pleasant Airbase (MPA) and you have to have a pass to enter and use the facilities. Trolls was the scheduled film and everyone was keen to see it. So we set off to MPA and drove the hour there, we got issued with passes and one for the vehicle too with permission to park at the cinema and drove onto the base. The only thing with a military base is that things are not signed! There were a vast array of grey buildings and a huge selection of grey doors a few street names but more than that no clues whatsoever where we should be headed. After asking many a person we came across for directions we arrived at another grey door. Opening an unmarked door on a military base is somehow quite nerve wracking! Thankfully it was the correct one and we enjoyed the film and also now know where to bowling alley is if we should want an excursion that that too.


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