The joy of small boys and ordnance

We have observed large box shaped ordnance whilst heading east from Stanley to Whalebone Cove or Surf Bay or Gypsy Cove on many occasions since our arrival here and on each occasion the boys have asked ‘Can we go there one time?’ After our Islander flights this idea was particularly prevalent as Sam had enjoyed seeing said ordnance from the plane. So on a dry day at the beginning of January we headed out there. We have no idea which war they are from, they seem to permanent to have been 1982, too ‘modern’ and in good condition to have been World War 2 and Chris thinks he read somewhere they might have been to do with the Cold War but cannot remember where he might have read that. But hey, boys and guns and bunkers, what’s not to enjoy?!

We continued our walk on Stanley Common to look at a monument that we had also seen on drive by’s a few times and discovered it was the memorial to Black Eagle Camp which was set up by RAF squadrons in 1982 until 1986 during the rebuilding of Stanley and the development of Stanley Airport.

Whilst there we were treated to a fabulous flyover from one of the Chinooks, we could hear it far before we saw it with the wind in the right direction, a great photo opportunity!



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