A six month reflection

Six months ago today we arrived here in Stanley. It was a day not that dissimilar to today, stepping off the plane to a grey and windy day. We had to deal with over tired and over active boys after the flight and gather our luggage. The evening went badly and there were tears and tantrums. We couldn’t possibly have known or guessed how the next six months would pan out.

Yet here we are six months on. It’s been such an incredible time. We’ve had opportunities and experiences beyond anything we were expecting and yet there is still so much to see and do! We both have found interesting, challenging and enjoyable jobs and yet our hours of work and levels of stress have never been lower.

The biggest lesson we are probably able to take from this so far, is to grab every chance possible. I have always been one to suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but when you know you’re only here for a certain length of time it seems even more pressing. If you turn a chance down you just don’t know whether it may come your way again. It means we are often much busier than before but it also means weekends often feel longer as so much fits in and holidays the same. I hope it’s something we continue with when we return to the UK. The number of times that going to x event gets put off because it’ll happen again next year or visiting y place can wait until next holiday, it seems a shame now to think of the things we missed out on that way.

So, what are the places near you that you have always meant to visit but never quite made it as there’s always something else more important? What are the things you have always meant to do but never got round to? Thought of something? Why don’t you grab that chance and go and do it tomorrow?

Here’s to out next six months of adventures and let’s see what else we can learn!


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