so far behind!

Getting completely lost with this blogging malarkey but in a desperate attempt to not lose it totally I am going to attempt a brief catch up of other January happenings!

In no particular order:

We got our first fresh cream since being here and very much enjoyed it with fresh Falklands grown strawberries and tayberries, delicious.

Fresh Falkland Islands cream, delicious

Max attended his first Falkland Islands cub camp at Fitzroy, attended by the Coldstream Guards, appropriately dropped off by chinook and in charge of tent inspections. Max’s group came first, hence the trophy. As always in scouting he had a complete ball.

Our polytunnel began to come into it’s own

King penguin’s popped up randomly in the ‘wrong’ places to moult and once they are moulting they are stranded on land for a while. This one jumped out of the surf at Surf Bay whilst the boys were building sand castles:

As you can tell from the photo – this King came up well in land on a very high tide with a full moon and was spotted by us on our drive back from Max’s cub camp.

Fitzroy ridge king

We bought ourselves a BBQ and used it in the sunshine

First Mountford Falkland BBQ

We attended one day of ‘Mini Sports’ which were partly the delayed races from Boxing Day. It was glorious weather and we enjoyed the horses and the kids activities.

The boys and I took a walk to the Totem Pole, sadly the information board had been lost (maybe blown away??) so I cannot tell you how or why it exists but if you look at the pictures you may well recognise some of the named places

So, I think we might have briefly covered it all – so next post will be on to February which included our first Falklands wedding which was a fabulous occasion, our first Falklands visitors and more.




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