Long time coming … again!

The February that was, when we are well on the way to the end of April but, hey, life gets in the way.

So the big opener to this blog was the fabulous wedding we attended in February. One of my work colleagues was getting wed and so we were invited along to the evening do. She was marrying into one of the large Falkland families here and her family came over from the UK to be here for the big day. The weather in the lead up had not been good but the day of the wedding was glorious and so the ceremony was able to be outside in the groom’s parents garden as had been hoped. The evening do was in the Town Hall, the biggest joint in town for these things, it was beautifully done up all in the appropriate colours and ready for a right party. The evening was fully enjoyable with live music, great fun dancing, drinks flowing and all a wedding should be! It was our first introduction to Falklands dancing with both a Falkland Fox Trot and a Falkland Waltz, we were stunned and incredibly impressed that all those there, young and old, could just pick up and go with these dances and vowed to learn them ourselves. If I can work out how to upload my video of it to YouTube I will post a link on here. Meanwhile here are some photos from the evening:

The two of us enjoying the evening
Bride and Groom

Of course my wedding behaviour was impeccable!

This wedding has previously been blogged about by the bride’s step mother here http://suehofman.blogspot.co.uk/ so if you want to see more pictures etc do go and have a look. It was a fabulous evening, thanks for the invite Coops-Bonner!

Also early in February the Governor’s gardens were opened for a look around. They definitely put our meagre polytunnel to shame. We enjoyed a great nose around and here are the favourite parts:

The berries and grapes that were available to munch, along with the biscuits and the incredulity on the productivity of the place were well worth it.

February was the month that Jack finally made his Beaver promise after a long busy term before Christmas and then our summer break so here is the compulsory promise ceremony picture:

Beaver Promise 001

The rest of the month was mostly filled with Chris’ parents visit and attempting to show them a small corner of our small corner of the world. The first big event they were able to enjoy here was Fish Day – a celebration of 30 years of the fisheries industry here which is a vital part of the economy. The day was filled with one off experiences starting with a chance to see lots of the fish species up close at the fisheries department.

Then there was the visit to the company that move the containers from the boats to storage and onto shops, including the chance to sit inside huge machines and walk into a container that was chilled to -25

And then there was the chance to go and look around the shipping vessels and hear all about how the processes work, it was very interesting

Sam’s favourite moment was being allowed to set off one of the alarms on board, you can imagine his glee!!! (and the disappointment of everyone else!)

Fish Day 039
Press this one!

That was enough excitement and information for one day but there were plenty of competitions for the boys to join in with including a colouring one that they spent quite some time in the lead up to the day completing their colouring. We found out a couple of weeks after the event that Max and Jack had won their respective age groups for the colouring, which was a great acheivement.

Our visitors were then treated to some time out in Camp  – more of that to come … soon.


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