Taking the in-laws into the Camp

We spent two weekends with our visitors out in the Camp, allowing Chris to minimise work disruption and holiday days taken (as he has a fairly small allowance).

Firstly, we went to a new area of East Falkland, Race Point, to stay in a self catering property. The property was nice, plenty of space, secluded and with lovely views. We had plenty of entertainment in the way of games, books and films and so we set to enjoying the weekend. We were blessed with gorgeous weather and so just spent the days walking and exploring the coastline. We enjoyed finding starfish and crabs, seeing plenty of bird life, watching Typhoons fly by, hearing sea lions roar from nearby islands and a great display by a pod of at least 6 Commerson’s Dolphins over one of our picnic lunches.

We arrived back into Stanley after the nights away with a definite evidence of the sun on our skin and slightly tired from all the excitement!

Before our next trip out of town Chris treated his dad to a trip to Volunteer’s Point for another nosey at the King Penguins, there was quite a lot of envy from both the boys and myself. We threw the boys off the scent with a promise of a cinema trip with myself and Granny but more of that later. It was the 1st March and an excessively windy day, as some of the pictures indicate, with the sand blowing and the penguins huddling. So here are some of the pictures of this trip with chicks on show this time around:

They clearly enjoyed the day even with the wind. However, those of us left in Stanley planning to head to the cinema were a little perturbed by the strong winds and had to cancel our hoped for cinema trip due to the MPA road being unsuitable for transit. Instead we headed to the museum to pick up a very large key that the 5 of us have been hoping to get a hold of for quite a while.

And thus a very windy adventure began!

This is a key to the Cape Pembroke Lighthouse that we were photographed outside on Christmas Eve. It was incredibly gusty out on Cape Pembroke and getting the lighthouse door open and shut took some doing and the noise of the wind whipping around the lighthouse was fairly impressive! But having the whole thing to yourself is quite an adventure and here are some of the best shots from our blowy visit:

We’ll have to go back on a less windy day and with Chris to enjoy it some more and maybe Sam will brave the top deck! We also took a sandblast of a walk in the dunes up to the ‘Danger – Minefield’ fencing for a glimpse of some of the Magellanic penguins on the other side.

The week finished with a rushed bit of baking for the one category in the Falkland Islands vegetable, flower and produce show that the boys decided they wanted to enter. We then dropped off the biscuits they had produced with a friend on the Saturday morning to enter into the show later that day as we bowled out of town back to visit Johnson’s Harbour. We had loved our previous stay there and the self catering is so well set up for children as well as adults that we were really looking forward to being there again. It absolutely lived up to our expectations and we enjoyed a night there and two lovely days. We again just pottered about, visiting one of  the boys favourite beaches and discovering our first crop of teaberries, we picked plenty to bring back to town with us and a few days later they were turned into teaberry buns:

They are rather like bilberries but grow far closer to the ground and seem to enjoy sandy soil.

On the second day there we climbed to top of a hill just near to the settlement, not only did we get fabulous views of the coast, settlement and Berkley Sound but we also disturbed a pair of Variable Hawks (which we had not seen before) who made it clear this was their peak for a good view of their neck of the woods and they would quite like us to clear off!


Johnsons Harbour March 2017 029
Looking back to the settlement at Johnson’s Harbour

The boys favourite picture of the hawk?? This one … obviously!

Johnsons Harbour March 2017 013
Having a poo!

Here is a shot of 4 of us at the top, it was a a grey old day:

Johnsons Harbour March 2017 025

We returned town in time to have a visit to look around the show and pick up any results. All the boys were pleased to have been placed with their biscuits and we shall make far more effort next year to remember the likely date and give ourselves time to actually prepare and produce things well!

The display of fruit and veg from Government House was as impressive as expected and we were treated to some of the grapes in the auction by Chris’ boss, mighty delicious they were too!


The full visit from the in laws was enjoyed, particularly by the boys and we revelled in showing off our current stomping ground to those who are important in our lives. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did and we can’t wait to have any further visitors to introduce to these fabulous and embracing islands and their people!


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