The in-between parts!

There are always some day to day things that seem to fall by the wayside of the ‘big’ events on this blog. This is a post for all those ‘in-between’, fall down the cracks of life parts!

Early in March Jack was very excited to be off on a school trip with his class. It was to Kidney Island, where we had previously been as a family in the evening to witness the Sooty Shearwaters coming home to roost. It is the sort of trip that I am 98% certain red tape would prevent in the UK. I mean which teacher in their right mind is going to take a class of 32 on a boat trip (where the boat size means that the class actually has to be split across 2 boats), then on arrival at the island negotiate pupils into small Zodiac boats onto the beach and spend time on an island that sea lions are known to inhabit and where you can’t see them due to the tussac grass (10ft high in places)! No problems at all! Don’t get me wrong it is very well risk assessed and very well staffed, but I still think UK schools would be too over cautious these days. I was fortunate enough to have been selected to be one of the additional adults so we looking forward to my morning out. We were due to go on the Monday but at the very last minute the boat company called if off due to large swell out at sea. On the Tuesday morning we geared ourselves up all over again and we were graced with a GLORIOUS day. The morning boat that I was on had extremely well behaved children, we dug under rocks for Jumping Jacks, took a walk through the tussac, ate some tussac grass, watched tussac birds and cobbs wrens, watched a large male sea lion wander out of the tussac and into the sea about 10 metres away, had our boats surrounded by Peale’s dolphins and generally had a great time! The boat back to the public jetty gave me my first day time sighting of this stereotyped photo of the Falkland Islands and bathed in glorious sunshine too:

WP_20170321_12_13_32_Pro (2)
Welcome indeed!

Shortly after this Max had the climax to his topic learning about the Aztecs. He had enjoyed the topic but as a grand finale all the year 4’s were invited to Aztec Day which was to include staying in school for lunch and a human sacrifice! Staying for lunch at school here is a big excitement as it is so out of the normal. The year 4’s were also asked to dress up as an Aztec for the day and were given various ideas. Max decided to dress as a Jaguar warrior and set about organising his costume, here is what he designed:

Jaguar warrior Max!

I frequently join year 4 for various parts of the curriculum with my pupil. The day before their Aztec Day some of the year 4’s were telling me all about the costumes they had planned and how long they had spent making them, before turning to me and asking what I was dressing as! I explained the them that as I would only be joining them for part of the day I had no costume organised, they were distinctly unimpressed by this and so the conversation led on to me saying that I would come dressed as a cactus. For those of you not acquainted with the Aztec civilisation, their gods informed them to build their city where they saw and eagle with a snake in it’s mouth sitting on a cactus – thus a cactus was important to them. I did suggest this purely as a joke but the Year 4’s I was talking to about it were so adamant that I would never do such a thing that it became something of a challenge. Thus I spent half of the next day dressed as ……….

Mrs Cactus!

Thankfully it caused much merriment in both staff and pupils alike.

Jack had his first Beaver sleepover at the hut here in Stanley. However, the Beavers were outside under canvas for the night. They were blessed with a glorious evening and were able to make full and long use of the new fire pit that they had had installed with wind protection around it. The pit itself is large enough for all the Beavers to be able sit around – essential for marshmallow toasting! He was very excited to have created himself a camp blanket whilst he was there. This was him ready for the off:

I’m going to my sleepover!

We had another event to create a dressing up outfit for,  this time for Sam. To celebrate the end of the mini beast topic the whole of his year group had an ‘Ugly Bug Ball’. They could dress up as a mini beast and parents were invited to drop in in the afternoon to join in with activities and see the children’s work. Sam went as a spider and I was lucky enough to be allowed to sneak away from my class for half an hour to see what activities he had been busy doing. It was lovely to see the work he had been up to but the only activity he was interested in sharing with me was … snack! This did lead to me finding out from one of the adults who worked in his class the he really enjoys cooking in school and had helped prepare a lot of the snack. The class have a lovely low level kitchen so that the workbenches, sinks etc are all at the right height for the children. What Sam particularly enjoys about cooking in school is helping to wash up, this surprised me, but, with a smile on her face the adult continued, he has worked out that if he offers to help wash and tidy up then when the other children have left the room he can conspiratorially whisper ‘now can I lick the bowl?’ and not have to share! It has got to the point that he is telling others they don’t need to stay and help and he will do it just so he gets the ‘cooks privileges’ although I don’t think he is yet ushering them out of the door before the activity is finished!

Spider Sam!

The final ‘in-between’ moment was a visit to school from the Falklands Conservation group. It was not the happiest visit but the children enjoyed it. Sadly a young Sei whale was found dead on a local beach so they had collected the body to try and find out more from it. They were able to bring it to school for the children to see up close. I was interested to know they they knew it was a very young whale because there were still a couple of white lines around it’s body towards the tail end (you might be able to spot them on the photo) and that these were where it had be folded inside the mother.


The next update, which I hope will be coming a bit sooner than most, will be about generosity and a last minute, unexpected trip West!



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