What a long silence!

I can only apologise for the lack of posts and long, crackly radio silence that there has been from over the oceans! Life has felt very busy and despite thinking about blogging about many, many events over the last few months, getting my fingers to the keyboard has proved a bigger challenge!

I have picked up the reigns of my Masters again (after a leave of absence in order to settle in here) and having successfully completed one assignment I have ‘only’ my dissertation to do. However, I am finding that it feels as though the whole thing is galloping away from me! So regular small sections of work is my plan but this is frequently on evenings when sitting down to blog would be far preferable! Must maintain focus!

I addition I am furiously knitting blankets for soon to be new family members, the pressure is on to get them completed in time so every spare moment finds me with the needles flashing about. Deciding to spin the wool for one of the blankets seemed such a great idea but now as the time ticks by and I only get to spin once a week the pressure is on to keep the wool production up in order to finish the knitting. I am sure all shall be good in the end and I am enjoying all the processes!

Having 3 small people who have busy social lives and events always keeps us on our toes, making sure additional events are on the calendar and normal activities are not forgotten.

Finally the usual school pressures of the end of the school year, we have had school reports, now we are in the throws of the school show, there are all sorts of other things to tie up and the fact we have a long slog of 4 weeks and 2 days still to go till we finish term on 10th August. It is all fairly draining.

That said life is very enjoyable and if I get a spare moment between party drop offs and picks ups at the weekend then there may be a blog coming to you with evidence of all of the following events we have enjoyed:

  • The Royal Artillery Band giving us an evenings entertainment in the Cathedral
  • The Queen’s birthday parade (way back in April!!!!)
  • The demise of our poly tunnel
  • A pink walk
  • Sam becoming a master baker
  • A mini May Ball
  • School disco
  • A visit on board the HMS Clyde
  • Max climbing Mount Tumbledown
  • Liberation Day
  • Another visit to Johnson’s Harbour
  • Sledging and SNOW
  • Southern Right Whales
  • Our first Leopard Seal
  • A Governor’s Departure
  • Anything else I remember or find photos of

So as you can see there has been plenty going on to keep us entertained! But for now I just wanted to say, keep checking back, we are here and we are loving life! As we regularly say in response to ‘How are you?’ …..

We are living the dream.


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